Who we are

Relocate&Save is a 100% digital consultancy firm specialized in tax residency transfers.

We believe that states should have a reasonable tax burden and we defend the right of the individual to keep the wealth he has produced with his work for himself, so our mission is to help him keep it safe from tax spoliation, crime and inflation generated by irresponsible monetary policies.

However, our commitment to the law is unwavering: while we are certain that hard work and freedom is the driving force that advances progress, we are also convinced that societies do not advance if laws are not obeyed and followed, and that includes tax laws.

Even so, we believe that the individuals should keep as much as possible of the wealth they generate, without deny that his State of origin has under certain circumstances the power to extract that wealth from him through the tax Law. How to combine both principles? By the only legal and legitimate redoubt that remains: helping the individual to move to a country where the fruits of his labor are more respected.

Our activity has nothing to do with setting up offshore companies to hide income from the local tax authorities: that is evasion, a crime that as such has to be prosecuted. What we do at Relocate&Save is to help our client to find countries in which, if they take the step, they must actually reside (normally 183 days a year) to benefit from their favorable tax conditions.

We are convinced that this encourages healthy tax competition between states and pushes the world in the right direction: towards states that are more efficient and respectful of the fruits of their citizens’ efforts.

Who is part of Relocate&Save?

Relocate&Save is a consulting firm made up of up to 16 reputable law firms and consultancies in more than 12 jurisdictions (Andorra, Cyprus, Malta, Greece, Italy, Estonia, Monaco, Dubai, among others) and is mainly focused on inform and advise individuals about preferential tax regimes and tax advantages of many jurisdictions.

Currently, Relocate&Save has 5 employees and partners in its parent company and more than a hundred associates in the various jurisdictions in which it operates. 

Why trust Relocate&Save?

Moving to a foreign country generates a lot of uncertainty… finding a place to live, bureaucratic procedures, getting to know a new culture, etc… and from Relocate&Save we think that for this you need a good advisor.

Many low-tax countries have service providers and advisors of poor or very poor quality, mainly they try just to sell you a real estate property or do the paperwork without considering important aspects such as taxation. 

At Relocate&Save all our advisors are of reputable prestige, always chosen according to very demanding criteria (experience in big4, universities such as Leiden, Leuven, ESADE or Amsterdam, certificates such as CTA, ACCA…).

Additionally we have representation offices in many jurisdictions… Andorra, Dubai, Portugal, Malta, Cyprus, Monaco (and growing).

How to take the first step?

If you are seriously interested in changing your tax residence, we recommend that you download for free and read our updated report “The three best tax destinations of the moment.”


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